Citarella’s Meats & Deli Red Bank closes 121 years in New Jersey

This one stings.

Losing a business is hard, but when it’s a business that’s been running for over a century, my heart breaks.

According ABC7NY.comCitarella’s Meats & Deli will be permanently closing its doors this week after being in business for over 121 years!

Saturday, July 9 will be the last day of activity for the charcuterie.

“We are very sad, honestly wish we could do it again for another 120 years,” current owner and operator Andrew Citarella said, according to

Andrew is the fourth generation of his family to run things at Citarella’s Meats & Deli. It all started with Andrew’s great-grandfather, who was also named Andrew Citarella.

Andrew will focus more on family in the future, but is very grateful to all of the extended family – alias its customers – which made its success possible.

“We made sure to treat customers well and deliver quality products,” Citarella said. “We are very proud of it. We have very loyal customers.”

No surprise here, but Red Bank residents are heartbroken. Who would not be ? If they’ve been open for 121 years, it’s clear they had a loyal following.

“Very sad. I’ve been coming since 1979, I’ve known Ralph since school,” Red Bank resident Dave Adams said, according to “We will miss it.”

“When you just need someone and still cooking instructions for my Christmas dinner, we shared recipes, they’re phenomenal people,” said Susan, a regular Citarella customer.

Citarella’s Meats & Deli is located at 57 Prospect Avenue in Red Bank. Stop by and visit one last time before Saturday to show them some love!

Also, what would you like to see take the place of the grocery store? Something to think about.

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