Best Restaurants and Bars in San Francisco’s Glen Park Neighborhood

Glen Park is a quaint, low-key residential neighborhood in San Francisco that sits southeast of Twin Peaks and above the Excelsior and Mission. It’s next to the 101 acres Glen Canyon Park, which has creekside trails, a swing set, recreation center, and more. The neighborhood has developed a great foodie scene over the past two decades, is super walkable, and easily accessible by BART. The cheerful business corridor, Glen Park Village, offers tempting restaurants ranging from brunches to the neighborhood bakery to family-run Italian eateries. While you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check out Bird & Beckett Books and Records, an independent bookstore with great acoustics that hosts live jazz every weekend. And here’s where to eat and drink before or after:

Glen Park Cafe

The cereal pancakes here were one of the best dishes we ate in 2021, with its mounds of cereal milk-infused whipped cream topping large, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, all topped with crunchy, sweet bits of Corn Pops and by Fruity Pebbles. The brunch that took over the old Tyger’s also serves Spicy Soy Eggs Benedict, fresh watermelon juice topped with a rose-shaped watermelon ice cube, and occasional Taiwanese specialties, like winter melon tea. The service is friendly too.
How to order: Without appointment only for meals on site. Call 415-294-1710 or order on line take out or take out.

Glen Park Station

Just to be clear, this is Glen Park Station, the bar that’s been around since 1926, not the BART station across the street. Unwind after work with a pint of local Anchor Steam or a Guinness in the clean, welcoming and close-knit neighborhood dive with an indoor fireplace and a small outdoor patio and smoking area out back. Credit cards are now accepted in this old place where you only paid cash.
How to order: Walk in.

Pizzeria Gialina
Pizzeria Gialina

Named after the owner’s grandmother, the cute Gialina offers crisp Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in a 600-degree oven with local, seasonal ingredients like asparagus and Black Mission figs. Its interior is welcoming, decorated with old Italian family photos. The restaurant has been regularly featured in the San Francisco ChronicleThe 100 Best Restaurants in the Bay Area listing for years.
How to order: Come in, do Reservations (recommended), or order online To pick up.

Upper Grounds Cafe
Flickr/Thomas Faucon

Go for the Croissant French Toast, plus pancakes and omelettes at this ’90s corner cafe, decorated with burlap coffee sacks on the ceiling, tables for two, and a few dog seats outside. outside. The owner himself often plays server, cashier, barista, chef and busser in this longtime neighborhood favorite. Bring cash or use Venmo.
How to order: Drop in or order delivery/pickup via DoorDash and Grubhub.

canyon market
canyon market

For more than 15 years, this independent grocery store has been offering organic products and specialties. To fuel up for a hike in Glen Canyon Park, order items from the grocery store like the chicken curry salad sandwich on a bun, chicken strips with pecans, or grab some baked jalapeño-cheddar cornbread. homemade and triple chocolate cookies. Bonus: If it’s a holiday, the exterior is fully decorated for maximum whimsy.
How to order: Enter or order groceries on line for curbside pickup or delivery (for nearby postcodes).

Bello Coffee & Tea
Bello Coffee & Tea

This is a place for coffee nerds who want to ogle the large glass cold brew dripper just behind the counter, or indulge in a Lavender White Mocha. Tea lovers can enjoy a smooth and bold hojicha latte. With sustainability in mind, Bello uses a zero-emission electric coffee roaster and leaves its used coffee grounds in a box that customers can take away for home composting.
How to order: Walk in; coffee beans available for shipment on line.

Photo courtesy of Manzoni

Open for dinner six nights a week, the family-run Italian restaurant focuses on homemade pastas like pappardelle with braised pork ragout and gnocchi with black truffle sauce. He also bakes his own free bread. The back wall, where the bar is located, has a decor of bricks and hearthstones with a Tuscan vibe, giving a warm and rustic feel.
How to order: Come in, make a reservation via open table, or withdrawal of order via Grubhub.

pebble cafe

Initially, Pebble’s looks like your typical bagel and sandwich cafe, though it’s updated with acai bowls and mushroom chaga cappuccinos. However, the coffee’s real powers lie in the Brazilian salgadinhos – stuffed, baked and fried products – in the counter display case, sourced from the renowned Casa coffee. Sink your teeth into deep-fried cohinxa with shredded chicken and cream cheese, empanadas sprinkled with corn and olives, pan de queijo with cheese and more, all served with a tangy Brazilian sauce. The Portuguese speaking staff and regulars show that this place is the real deal.
How to order: Walk in.

Opened as one of Glen Park Village’s first food businesses, the Cheese Boutique has been another great place to gather supplies for a day in Glen Canyon Park since 1993. Get a made-to-order sandwich with the quality imported and domestic cheeses from the boutique and meats, like French ham and Brie on a sweet French baguette. Plus, the owners, originally from Lebanon, also offer treats from their home region, including a stellar homemade hummus that’s super silky due to the chickpea husks they remove by hand.
How to order: Walk in.

Destination Bakery Company
Destination Bakery Company

The idyllic corner bakery with mint green stucco and tile decor is known for its handmade mini banana cream pies, empanadas, homemade nuggets, breakfast pastries, challah bread Friday and other seasonal treats, all made with local ingredients. Don’t overlook Thanksgiving pies, like fruity, veggie ground meat. He also makes a medium baguette for those who are constantly craving carbs, but go in the morning before they sell out.
How to order: Walk in.

Coffee Mug

Look for the cafe sign which is a giant takeaway cup of coffee. A nice older couple run this place and that’s really why people love it so much, savoring the moments like the owners giving customers free goodies with their orders. Bagel, sandwich, and breakfast coffee menus are pretty standard, but it’s gems like Cup Cafe that give the neighborhood its character.
How to order: Walk in.

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