Best Atlanta Hotels (Updated Jun 2021)



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  • 217 sunny days a year make Atlanta a paradise for urban and outdoor exploration.
  • Business travel is also important, with America’s third-largest Fortune 500 and the busiest airport.
  • We’ve found the best hotels in Atlanta in a price range from $ 104 to $ 507 per night.

A sprawling city whose different neighborhoods radiate outward, Atlanta has a lot to offer visitors. For the outdoor enthusiast, there is a plethora of options in the greenery which gives the Emerald City one of its many nicknames. From riverside and mountain side adventures to beautiful and lush parks and trails, it has never been so tempting to get out. In fact, it’s on foot with my running shoes that I like best to explore the city and see some of its best neighborhoods.

Then, to make the exercise worth it, there are the countless restaurants, bakeries, cafes and more that parade the best dishes from almost every ethnic group in the world. International cuisine is as well represented as Southern convenience in Atlanta, thanks to a diverse population and adventurous local palates. My neighborhood alone offers one of the many food halls and a high concentration of Cuban and Brazilian food, while across town, Buford Highway is bursting with pan-Asian cuisine.

And don’t forget the commerce that takes place there as large companies continue to move their headquarters to the Georgian capital and surrounding areas. Alongside them, film studios have sprung up to take advantage of the diverse landscape and long, beautifully lit days. And of course, there’s the outrageous luxury shopping in what has been dubbed the Beverly Hills of the South.

The hotel scene is just as diverse as the city’s offerings, from downtown pillars popular with many business travelers and convention crowds to opulent luxury enclaves with indulgent spas and rooftop pools.

Here are the best hotels in Atlanta, sorted by price, from lowest to highest.


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