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By Dan I. Cook

As a sports fan, a real sports fan, I really enjoy watching Barstool Sports.

I’m not here to educate you on the Barstool Sports brand; you can do it yourself. But, what I’m here to talk about is their new frozen pizza called One Bite.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, “El Presidente” of Bar stoolSport, criticizes the pizza with a slogan “One Bite. Everyone knows the rules.

These reviews are quite popular on YouTube. His sense of humor, coupled with his knowledge of good pizzas and pizzas to suck, are very entertaining. Plus, it has famous guests devouring pizza and also giving a review.

When I heard that his company was launching a line of frozen pizzas, I was excited. El Presidente knows his pizza and I’m always looking for a good frozen one.

Frozen pizzas

mr swimming pool

If you walk down any grocery store frozen pizza aisle, there are tons of different types. Rising crust, stuffed crust, cauliflower crust, Detroit style, thin crust, Totino crust (whatever it is) and French bread style are the main types. Supreme, Plain, Meat Lovers, 5 Cheese, Veggie, Pepperoni, and Chicken are just a few of what the stores have to offer.

It’s amazing how many types are available, but I have to say most of them suck.

Totino’s is probably the worst. The crust explodes, so do the toppings. I grew up with this shit and usually turned to Stouffer’s French bread pizzas as a kid. I had fond memories of opening the box and being so happy to have two pizzas to eat. Even though the crust tasted like a crouton, it was nice back then.

As I got older and made more money, I could afford a DiGiorno’s or a Screaming Sicilian, which comes closest to a pizza delivery chain.

Let’s face it; it’s much easier and cheaper to pop a frozen pie in the oven than to order online or over the phone. So, all the pizza snobs out there, you know you’ve got a frozen pie in your freezer right now.

With my advanced age, I like the thinner crusts, but I still stick to the supreme fillings. My current favorites are Newman’s Own, Publix, California Pizza Kitchen, and Thin Crust Red Baron.

A bite of pizza

When I heard that the One Bite pizza was an Italian style of stone baked crust, I knew it would be thin crust. There are four different types: five cheeses, pepperoni, three meats and supreme. Of course, I went with the Supreme, which costs around $ 6.48 for a 12-inch, 21.38-ounce pie.

Barstool Sports One Bite Frozen Pizza is worth it

One Bite Pizza at Walmart in Coral Springs.

El Presidente doesn’t make these pizzas in his kitchen, so it was important for me to find out who he partnered with. HappiFoodi, a New Jersey-based brand, produces pizza-inspired ready-to-heat pizzas for One Bite.

On September 28, One Bite launched in more than 3,500 Walmart,, and stores.

As for the pizza itself, it’s pretty darn good for frozen food.

I followed the instructions on how to cook it but finished it by broiling it for a few minutes. I always feel like this tip cooks the top evenly.

The crust does not have a flop, which is typical of a frozen pizza. Flavor / taste was in line with Newman’s Own Supreme. Just a note, Paul Newman, who died in 2008, started his own food business with a friend in 1982. All proceeds go to charity, which has been a big draw for me, as well as the taste of his products. .

The toppings weren’t freezer burnt and tasted fresh. Sometimes a crappy frozen pizza will have that thin layer of ice cream on top, ruining the whole pizza. As you can see from the photos, the pizza is solid.


Superb work by Portnoy and Happi Foodi. There is no doubt with El Presidente’s huge social media presence and excellent pizza knowledge; both frozen and fresh, this product will be very popular. I would say a bite is not enough for this pizza. Enjoy several!

This pizza gets an excellent rating from 3 full glasses and 1/8 beer in the 4th mug. A 9.1 in the bar stool sports measures. No rookie scores for this guy.

What are YOUR favorite frozen pizzas and why?

Don’t forget to hit Walmart – the only place it’s sold – grab a One Bite pizza and tell the cashier that Dan I Cook and sent you and Stay Hungry!

Four beers = Exceptional
Three beers and 1/8 beer in the 4th tankard = Superb
Three beers = Good
Two beers = OK
A beer = need for work
Zero beers = bad (no beer is never a good thing).

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