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Photo taken by Andrew Fabian

In every kitchen there is a small list of basic foods with which you can judge a restaurant. A Chinese restaurant can tell you all you need to know by its spring rolls or lo mein, an Italian restaurant by its marinara, a smokehouse by its breast or a French restaurant by the number of menu items that you will not be surprised. to try to pronounce. You can judge Stiks by his Pad Thai.

The new concept on South Tamiami near Demetrio is a renewed concept from Nikki Lum-Kleiber and her husband David Kleiber, the former being the daughter of the founders and owners of A Taste of Asia, Lam and Selina Lum. The young couple modernized the interior space with chic furnishings, sleek decor and a few touches of neon while reconfiguring the menu into a quick and relaxed cafeteria-style concept. But the most important thing is what they haven’t changed: the pad Thai recipe.

Some pad thai preparations have the flavor of a well-seasoned wok, some are gummy with starches while others are as sweet as dessert. At Stiks, the Pad Thai is perfect, combining all the required notes of tamarind paste, soy and fish sauce, sugar and vinegar in a rich, smooth profile threaded with a bit of peanut butter. Served in a small take-out box with your choice of protein, Stiks’ Pad Thai bodes well for the overall design of the restaurant: fast food, casual atmosphere, inexpensive and customizable menu, and a tasty staple for to judge. And for those who like fried chicken (me), top it with fried chicken.

Photo taken by Andrew Fabian

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