7 tips for hosting the ultimate home wine tasting this fall


Now that fall is officially upon us, we feel the need to have a good quality time. And what could be better than sipping a good drink (or two) after a long day? Share it with those you love! Because A) sharing is caring, and B) When was the last time you opened more than one bottle at a time just for yourself ?!

So when it comes to choosing wines, your immediate thought was probably to head to your local liquor store and wander the wine aisles until you saw a label that looked appealing. But seriously, you deserve better than leaving your choice of wine to chance!

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That is why Collective Wine is exactly what is missing in your life. They provide a monthly wine subscription service offering boxes of two bottles, four bottles and six bottles of carefully selected wines, delivered right to your door.

Oh, and insider’s tip: you won’t find some of WineCollective’s wines anywhere else, and members get big discounts in their online store. This is certainly useful, not only for novices, but also for anyone who has extensive knowledge of wine but not enough resources to broaden their horizons.

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All in all, WineCollective has literally been around for over a decade, so if we talk to the experts, we talk to them. And here are 7 tips from the pros for hosting the ultimate wine tasting in the comfort of your own home. Get ready, they are juicy!

Get the wines (duh!)

WineCollective will have this ready for you once you register. They have a team of experts who hand select their unique wine selection, so you can try the crème de la crème every month. You can even follow the guide that came in your delivery box to make sure each wine is served well when it comes to temperature and aeration.

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Store your supplies

I’m not saying you have to go all out, but you should at least cover your bases. Prepare adequate glassware for reds and whites that will enhance aromas, textures and flavors. If you are feeling hungry, invest in a good corkscrew, it will be useful for you to open 4 bottles in a row.

Set the mood

We love the right beats to create the vibes, so spend some time creating a great playlist. Keep your lights bright enough to see the wines, but play with the intensity to set the right mood.

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Choose the food pairings

Resist the urge to serve all the tasty appetizers until all the wines have been tasted, but make sure you have plenty of bread on hand between tastings. After everyone has had a chance to appreciate each option, pull out that charcuterie plate, because no one likes to drink on an empty stomach! But if you really want to go fancy, serve each wine with a paired small bite to help bring out the flavors in the wine, like dark chocolate with Cab Sauv or milk chocolate with Pinot Noir.

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Cleanse your palate

Okay, we’re awesome with this one, but having a pitcher of water and crackers or chunks of French bread can be the epitome of a full wine tasting experience. Don’t underestimate this step, the overlapping flavors can ruin everything!

Refine your storytelling skills

Take three to five minutes to engage all of your guests by telling a little background story about the wines poured on the table. No, we are not asking for a full conference, just refer to the information provided by WineCollective and you are good to go!

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Is this a real trick? Yes of course! Drinking wine often comes with serious etiquette, but remember, it’s your party, your rules, so don’t forget to enjoy it!

Well that’s all for us! If you’re looking to expand your taste buds, be sure to check out Collective Winesubscription boxes. Cheers!

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