7 Halloween-themed afternoon teas you won’t want to miss this year


If you like pretty and scary things at the same time, then you will definitely find something you will love here!

No one would have ever thought that Halloween and the British afternoon tea tradition would go well together, but it turns out this is the collaboration of our dreams! And this fall, there are so many adorably spooky options to choose from in the Tokyo area.

Ready to dress for tea with your friends? To enjoy the flavors of fall in spooky designs? Pretend to go to a wizarding school? So let us introduce you seven Halloween-themed afternoon tea classes it looks so fun we could just to die!

1. Wear costumes in a private location at Grand Prince Hotel Shin-Takanawa

For a limited time only, the Grand Prince Hotel in the Shinagawa area allows guests to rent a room just for a day to host their own private Halloween tea.

They decorate the room so that you can create a spooky fall setting that is perfectly Instagrammable. You and a friend can don costumes and enjoy a delicious array of sweet and savory snacks and 12 different kinds of teas, all in the comfort and privacy of a private room.

Day Use Plan Trick or Treat Afternoon Tea in a Halloween Room
Dates: September 24 to October 31 (limited to one room per day, up to four hours, arrival between 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m.)
Price: 10,000 yen (US $ 90.30) per person (up to two people per room)
Included: 7 kinds of petits fours, 6 savory selections, 2 kinds of scones and 12 kinds of tea

2. Have an elegant Halloween tea at Grand Ginza

This afternoon tea will be offered on the top floor of Ginza Six, a luxury shopping mall in the upscale Ginza district of Tokyo.

At the Grand Ginza, a fixed meal will be served on the theme of “a beautiful witch flying into the sky to be with the one she secretly loves”. The menu includes foie gras and mussels, as well as a strawberry mille-feuille based on that served at the long-standing French restaurant, Ginza Maxim de Paris.

Plus, enjoy 13 different tea options from luxury tea brand TWG to have the fanciest Halloween themed afternoon tea ever!

Witch’s Aphrodisiac Halloween Afternoon Tea Set
Dates: September 16 to October 31
Price: 5,082 yen for the Afternoon Tea Set, 6,292 yen with a glass of champagne (no alcohol will be served in the event of a declaration of a state of emergency)
Included: 1 appetizer, 6 savory dishes, 7 sweets and 18 drinks

3. Enjoy Halloween tea at home from Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel doesn’t just offer a wonderful Halloween candy buffet, but their bakery also sells a take away tea service full of tasty treats!

While enjoying a delicious buffet in a spacious living room also seems divine, these days the safest course is to have dinner at home, so we’re excited about the take-out options at Sheraton’s B1, Dorer .

It even comes perfectly packaged on a three-layer afternoon tea tray that you can just put on the table!

Afternoon tea at home ~ Halloween ~
Dates: October 1 to 31 (reservation required 3 days in advance)
Price: 7,500 yen for one set (feed two)
Includes: 3 savory selections, 5 candies, 2 kinds of scones, 5 different teas and strawberry jam

4. Savor the flavors of the season at Dumbo Bar & Grill in Omotesando

Some of the best food is served in the fall, and in Japan that means lots of fruit as well as chestnuts and sweet potatoes. At the Dumbo Bar & Grill, on the second floor of Strings Hotel Omotesando, you can enjoy all these flavors and more this fall.

Here, they’ll serve a Shiny Raisin Caprese, a Mont Blanc of high-quality Japanese chestnuts, a caramel and European pear mousse, and even delicious éclairs!

There is also a course meal that comes with an afternoon tea that serves individual tea stands for each person, so that you can enjoy an afternoon or evening of culinary bliss on your own without a reservation. The cost is 5,140 yen for lunch and 6,670 yen for dinner.

Halloween afternoon tea in New York
Dates: September 28 to October 24
Price: 4,620 yen per person (minimum two people)
Includes: 1 salad, 1 soup, 3 savory selections, 7 candies, 1 scone and 12 kinds of drinks

5. Join a Monster Mash in Shirokanedai

At the French restaurant Stellato in the affluent Shirokanedai district of Tokyo, they have a very cute Halloween-themed afternoon tea.

Coffin-shaped tarts, jack-o-lantern mousse, ghost macaroons… The sweets are cleverly designed to look like ghosts and monsters, and, arranged all together on the tea tray, it looks like they have a Monster Mash!

Stellato offers three different Halloween tea classes, and one of them even comes with a 12-inch Basque cheesecake to take home. Sounds like an adorable Halloween fan’s dream!

Fall Limited Edition Halloween Afternoon Tea Set
Dates: September 15 to October 31
Price: 3,800 yen (Course A), 4,500 yen (Course B), 5,480 yen (Course C)
Includes: 9 sweets, 3 sandwiches, an unlimited sake toast and 6 kinds of tea (all dishes); plus 2 scones on plate B and Basque cheesecake on plate C

6. Dark Side Snack with Artistic Halloween Food at Yokohama Wedding Venue

The Yokohama Art Grace Villa Portside is a beautiful wedding venue which now offers villain-themed afternoon tea.

Serving dishes in dark colors like black and purple like the princess shaped cake above is a gothic beauty lover’s dream! There are even tiara-shaped treats and high-heeled shoes, making this an afternoon tea to remember.

Villains Dream Wedding Dark Princess Afternoon Tea
Dates: November 7, 14, 15, 28, 29, 18, 25, December 9, 16 (reservation required)
Price: 4,500 yen for adults, elementary and preschool students 1,800 yen (free for children under three)
Includes: 4 savory dishes, 7 candies, 2 scones and 9 kinds of drinks

7. Eat like Harry Potter at the Hilton Tokyo

The Hilton Tokyo first floor marble lounge offers a snack to please all Harry Potter fans because the place is decorated like a “Witchcraft school”.

There are different spaces, such as the “Magic Books Library”, the “Spelling Lab” and the “Wizards’ Dormitory”, where you can get many types of side dishes for your tea!

With unique selections like “Witch’s Spices”, “Flying Broomstick” and “Magic Wand”, the menu is as magical as the place. You can also find tasty dishes like roast beef and barbecued ribs, so if you are looking for more filling dishes this is the place to go.

Wizard’s School Sweets and lunch buffet
Dates: September 3 to November 11
Price: 5,000 yen per person (5,400 yen on weekends and holidays)
Includes: 10 kinds of food, 20 kinds of candy, 15 kinds of drink

It all sounds so fun and delicious! Which one will you choose? Either way, you can’t go wrong, and if you’re looking for more Halloween-themed goodies, check out Ikea’s surprising fare… if you’re not too scared!

Top image: Public relations time
Source, images: PR Times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), AtPress (1, 2)

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