5 best restaurants to try in St. Augustine

Although many come to explore the history of St. Augustine, the food scene attracts repeat visitors throughout the year. The food scene in the country’s oldest city is constantly changing, with the emergence of new restaurants. From Peruvian and Argentinian to seafood and coast favorites, there is always something new to sip and bite into in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine is one of our favorite Florida coastal towns, and as frequent visitors we feel like locals and love to explore the many diverse dining options in St. Augustine. It’s pretty hard to narrow down our choices, but after eating our way through St. Augustine, we’ve compiled our standout favorites to share with you, although they’re not in any particular order.

Florida’s historic coast and Tasting Tours hosted parts of our tours. All opinions are mine.

Betsi Hill

1. Urban Asado

Asado is both the technique and the social event of having a barbecue and is originally from countries in South America. According to Urban Asado’s Nick Carrera, Asado is a community gathering focused on food.

The concept is modeled on Carrera’s childhood experiences of “having family and friends to share a meal in the backyard.” Everyone brought something to the grill to share. At the heart of it is the experience at Urban Asado that you will leave home from – time spent with friends and family while savoring food and company in a relaxed atmosphere.

You will find Urban Asad located on the banks of the San Sebastian River in a restored warehouse on Riberia Street. During the week, the warehouse houses the design and manufacture of Asado grills. On weekends there are two places for the Asado dinner.

Nick and his wife Christie have created an immersive dining experience you will never forget! Two huge outdoor brick grill areas take center stage. Tables are scattered across the sandy ground, and Edison-style white lights transform the area into a lovely dining space.

Our meal consisted of five rustic and delicious culinary creations complemented by a bottle of wine (you are encouraged to bring your own). A fresh and delicious ceviche started our meal, followed by grilled bread and cheese, salad, a plate of grilled meat with chicken thighs, chorizo, picanha grilled steak and vegetables. The last dish of the evening was a literal slice of Florida – pineapple flambé, with roasted pineapple.

Pro tips: 1. Whet your appetite! You won’t leave hungry! 2. If you are visiting in late fall in winter, St. Augustine can get a little chilly. Be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately. On weekends, the Asados ​​take place rain or shine.

2. Brunch bar in the ancient city

Deli board deliciously meets brunch at Ancient City Brunch Bar! One of St. Augustine’s newer restaurants is truly family owned and designed by twin sisters Sophia and Emily, encouraged by their mother, Melissa. Sophia and Emily are college students, so Melissa works in the shop every day.

Grazing, on the charcuterie board, is not a new concept in this brunch family. One of the daughters is a vegetarian, while the other has a medical condition, making meals difficult for mom as they grow older. According to Melissa, children have always been in the kitchen, since they were children.

At this age, spreading out food and letting them choose their favorites was how she fed them. Sophie and Emily offer a fundamental family dining concept to locals and visitors alike at the Ancient City Brunch Bar.

At Café Alcazar, history meets food as you dine in the old swimming pool of Hotel Alcazar.
Betsi Hill

3. Café Alcazar

Located in the Lightner Museum in the former indoor swimming pool of Henry Flagler’s Alcazar Hotel, the Café is a unique, chic restaurant immersed in a history rich in history. Period photos adorn the walls depicting women and men at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. You can almost imagine the swimmers, the laughter and the fun of playing in Florida’s first indoor pool.

The atmosphere is relaxed upscale. Crisp white sheets dress the elegant tables. A small grand piano dominates one corner of the cafe while a pianist gently accompanies the conversations that swirl throughout the room.

The food at Café Alcazar is tasty and delicious. Our favorites are the snails, delicate and classically prepared and tasty with just the right amount of garlic. The sesame shrimp didn’t disappoint with 8-10 medium shrimp artfully presented and served with sesame soy sauce for dipping. Another fabulous choice is the pancakes. These culinary delights are light and flavorful, filled with ricotta, cream cheese, spinach, mushrooms and onions topped with a bechamel sauce.

Pro tip: Book at Café Alcazar.

The start of a delicious meal at Drunken Horse.
Betsi Hill

4. Drunk horse

The drunken horse is one of those rare and surprising finds. Nestled behind a walled courtyard on Charlotte Street, you’ll find a perfect stopover after a full day of exploring St. Augustine. As you enter through the courtyard gates, tables are scattered for those who prefer to eat al fresco. From the courtyard, looking inside, you are entitled to a wide selection of wines. The drunken horse quickly became one of our favorites as we spent a long period of time in the old town.

In addition to its wonderful selection of wines, it offers a fabulous Mediterranean-inspired menu, including charcuterie and cheese platters. We were wowed by the deli selections and the fabulous French onion soup (made the traditional French way, without a large amount of cheese or bread baked in the soup).

All his dishes are freshly prepared and presented with art. The waiters are not intrusive, giving you plenty of time to savor your meal and linger over a nightcap of wine. The drunken horse is a fantastic choice for a romantic dinner.

At Gifted Cork you can have a wine tasting.
Betsi Hill

5. The gifted cork

Gifted Cork is one of those unique places for us where from the moment we walked in the door we felt right at home. Perhaps it is the eclectic collection of gift items paired with the vast selection of wines that will appeal to even the most discerning palates; perhaps it is the helpfulness of the owner and his staff, or the location in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine. Maybe it’s a combination of all of that and a bit of the magical charm of St. Augustine. It’s a place to come in as a stranger and linger, tasting fabulous wines and browsing through gifts, and leaving as a treasured friend.

You’re sure to broaden your palate on an afternoon tasting, or just stop by for a

afternoon glass of wine or three. Every afternoon there is a wine tasting, and you will receive a tasting of five of its monthly featured wines. For those in need of a respite from all the exploring and shopping that St. Augustine has to offer, stop by Monday through Thursday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Happy Hour and wines by the glass. It’s a great way to start the evening in St. Augustine!

Gifted Cork owner Jeanne Maron describes herself as a wine geek and a top level sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers. Her love of wine is reflected in the wide selection of wines she offers.

No matter where you choose to dine in downtown St. Augustine, you will be steeped in history. The city is an ideal destination for food and drink enthusiasts, history buffs and golfers. There’s something for the whole family in St. Augustine!

Tasting Tours

The Tasting Tours opened in 2011. Created by two women entrepreneurs, Andrea Jones and Joanne Engel, the Tasting Tours pride themselves on offering the best culinary experiences throughout the historic city center. Keeping your finger on the pulse of St. Augustine’s culinary scene is essential to the business. No visit is ever the same, making this the perfect unique experience for visitors and locals alike.

Tasting tours are a great way to kick off your visit to St. Augustine. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and includes a selection of restaurants, wine bars and other venues. Our tour included eight people, five stops, and a told story of St. Augustine.

It offers a selection of dishes, cocktails, wines and cold meats. During the Christmas season there are five additional visits. These tours coincide with the annual St. Augustine Nights of Light celebration. Tour choices include horse-drawn carriage rides, tours with the Grinch, Santa Claus, and Scrooge.

Pro tip: When planning your visit, keep in mind that many of the choices include a walk through the historic city center. Many streets are uneven and during the Christmas and summer seasons the sidewalks can be clogged with people.

Saint-Augustin is a diverse city with a multitude of attractions for visitors:

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