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“We wanted the project to be really affordable and provide herbal options in every community at affordable prices,” said Lucas Bradbury, owner of Project Pollo.

SAN ANTONIO – A business that started in 210, amid the pandemic, is getting so big that it has already opened 12 stores in 12 months.

It is expanding throughout Texas and soon in the United States.

Lots of places have a spicy chicken sandwich, but at Project Pollo theirs has a little twist.

“About 80% of our guests who come to Project Pollo are not vegetarians or vegans. They don’t identify as vegetarians or vegans. They are just normal people looking to add a more flexible option to their diet,” he said. said owner Lucas Bradbury. .

KENS 5 visited the Pollo project on 9519 San Pedro Avenue.

Bradbury said he wanted to serve people “good for you” type food, but without breaking the bank, that’s how the whole concept began.

“I challenged my family to take a 30-day vegan challenge. But some of the comments were that they couldn’t do it because everything was so expensive around them,” Bradbury said. “So I thought, okay, there must be a better way.”

This then led to the idea, the Pollo project.

“We wanted the project to be really affordable and provide herbal options in every community at affordable prices,” Bradbury said.

There is even a pay option, as he wants this business to be open to everyone. “When someone comes in, if they don’t have any money at all, we take care of them. If he can pay our suggested price, which is $ 5.50, that’s great because that feeds you plus two, which means that every time you buy one, that feeds two more people in the community for free ” Bradbury said.

And he made sure to show us what kind of menu you can expect when you order.

“This is one of our best selling items. This is our hand-breaded chicken with garlic aioli, pickles, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon and also gouda cheese.

“It’s our Spicy Garlic Maid’s Buffalo Sauce, our Maid’s Ranch, and our marinated jalapeno on it. It’s just a spicy option that people love. We use a wet rub. is something really tasty, ”Bradbury said.

“Our fries topped with cashew queso, pico, grilled onions and chipotle ranch,” said Bradbury.

As for their roots in the town of Alamo, he said it was unbeatable.

“It’s actually a really cool market to not only be proud to be, but also to test the concept. If it can survive in a meat-eating country like tacos and barbecue, it can survive in many. communities in the United States, ”Bradbury said.

If you are looking for something unique in a city that is becoming more and more innovative by the day, you can add Project Pollo to your list.

“We’re in the hospitality business – our focus is to serve people. My goal all my life is to be able to serve people and take care of people,” Bradbury said. “We are very proud to be in San Antonio.”

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