10 healthiest moments in Quentin Tarantino movies


Quentin Tarantino is best known for his violent films, but in the midst of all the violence there are distinctive characters who are more than their actions. From his escape film Tank dogs at his last outing Once upon a time in hollywood, Tarantino presented characters who come to life through their dialogue and are defined by the codes they follow in their lives.

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There are hitmen and murderers, crooks and killers, gangsters and wrecks, in every Tarantino movie. But none of them hold their place in life to determine who they are, and many of them commit healthier deeds than the law enforcement characters and heroes in the movies.


Mr. White Protected Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange points his gun at Reservoir Dogs.

There is little room for sympathy when it comes to criminals, even those who work on the same teams whose names are single colors. In Mr. White’s case, he turned out to be the best of the bunch, and it came back to bite him in the end. However, for a while, Mr. White saved Mr. Orange’s life and was ready to stand up for him.

Mr. Orange was shot and Mr. White did everything to save him. He could have left him for dead, but he risked his own life to get him to the warehouse. He even defended him to others, only to learn that Mr. Orange was the undercover cop and that it was Mr. White who ended up being betrayed for that salutary moment.

Vincent Vega saves Mia Wallace

Maybe it was self-preservation, but Vincent Vega was just a gentleman when his boss Marsellus Wallace asked him to take his wife to have a good time at pulp Fiction. Vega had already learned that Marsellus had injured many people who had touched his wife, so Vincent was a Boy Scout.

However, when Mia Wallace found drugs in Vincent’s coat and overdosed, Vega did all he could to save his life in one of the pulp Fictionthe most talked about scenes. At the end of the day, he brought her home and made sure she was fine before leaving once he was sure she was safe.

Jules Winnfield Shows Mercy

Jules points a gun at Pumpkin and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction.

Jules Winnfield was a bad man. In his first explosive moment, Jules and his partner Vincent Vega visited some guys who stole a briefcase from his boss, Marsellus Wallace. While one of the guys was obtuse, Jules murdered his friends without remorse.

It all showed how dangerous he was. In the end, however, he faced a two-person gun robbing a restaurant, and he showed compassion in his healthiest moment. Jules was ready to leave the business and he offered the two a chance to leave alive if they left the briefcase behind. It was the only mercy he showed in the movie.

Butch and Marsellus run away from each other

Butch returns to save Marsellus in Pulp Fiction.

Marsellus Wallace was a mafia boss and a cold-blooded killer. Butch was a professional boxer who agreed to take a fall for money, then backed down and won the fight anyway. He was on the run, while Marsellus sent Vincent Vega to kill him.

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Things changed when Marsellus and Butch were captured by two sadistic men who were holding a pawnshop. Butch escaped, but then made a sound decision and returned to save Marsellus from the men. In a rare Tarantino moment, it paid off and Marsellus kept Butch alive.

The bride gives a chance to a child

Vernita's daughter sees The Bride killing her mother in Kill Bill.

In Kill billThe bride led an outburst of terror across the organization that killed everyone she loved, including what she believed to be her unborn baby. When she woke up, the first person she went to kill was Vernita Green. However, what she found was a shock.

Vernita was a housewife and had a young daughter. The bride didn’t want to kill her in front of her child and offered to pick things up that night. Vernita attacked and the bride killed her. She then did something healthy in the moment. She let the child live and even offered him a chance to grow up and avenge his mother if she wanted to.

Beatrix consoles her child

Beatrix lying with her daughter in Kill Bill.

In Kill bill, Beatrix learned that the girl she was pregnant with when Bill tried to kill her was alive and that Bill had taken in the child. When Beatrix stood up and sought revenge, the bride killed everyone who had hurt her and ultimately targeted Bill.

After finding Bill, she met her daughter BB. There was a point where Beatrix snuggled up to her daughter in bed and watched a video before falling asleep. It was a healthy moment in the midst of a flood of violence.

Hans Landa lets Shosanna live

Shosonna laughs as the theater burns down in Inglourious Basterds.

Hans Landa was a despicable human being, a mass murderer who hunted down and executed countless people. Inglorious Basterds started with this situation, as Hans went to a French farmer and asked him to know the whereabouts of a family he was stalking.

When the French farmer abandoned the family, Hans had them all executed in one of the Inglorious Basterds‘most memorable scenes. However, in a rare display of a healthy attitude, when the little girl escaped and ran away, he allowed her to live. It was a beautiful moment of humanity, the one that came back to bite him when it helped bring down the entire Nazi Party.

Dr King Shultz gives freedom to Django

Django and King Shultz marching together.

In Django unchained, when Dr. King Shultz first meets Django, he’s a slave and that’s where the bounty hunter offers him a deal he can’t resist. Django is chained and travels with two brothers and Shultz kills the two brothers, frees all the slaves to run away, and offers Django a chance to be free.

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It’s a deal, so Django has to lead Shultz to a target he’s looking for as a bounty hunter. But the truth is, Shultz is an honorable man and he follows through on his deal, making Django a free man.

Django frees Broomhilda

Django kissing Broomhilda.

Neither Django nor Broomhilda had it easy. The two fell in love and ended up separated. Django was mistreated by the men who captured him and he stayed that way until Dr. Shultz saved him and gave him a chance for revenge.

However, the best moment came at the end of the movie when Django and Shultz found Broomhilda and the two reunited. Between Django and Shultz, they killed everyone who held the rights to Broomhilda, and the moment the two kissed and then rode off together on their horses was proof they had a future.

Dalton gives his stand in Hollywood a chance

Cliff Booth talks to Rick Dalton on the street.

In Once upon a time in hollywoodCliff Booth had burned bridges in Hollywood and the former war veteran found he was running out of options. Thanks to an incident where he beat and embarrassed Bruce Lee on a film set, he couldn’t find a job and he was lucky to have a good friend in Hollywood.

Rick Dalton had just gotten a starring role in a big movie through his television job and he asked the studio to allow him to hire Booth to work for him. Booth was able to travel to Italy and have a great time, all thanks to the generosity of his friend.

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