10 great examples of foreshadowing that some fans haven’t noticed


Gilmore Girls is filled with moments that seem to repeat themselves or foreshadow an event in the future. For over 7 seasons, fans watched Rory Gilmore grow into a young woman, as her mother grew up with her as she hadn’t had the typical childhood. It was those moments in the early seasons that foreshadowed what might happen in the future.

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Whether intentional or not, some things have come to pass after a brief conversation or a moment that passes throughout Gilmore Girls. It was the continued connection from season 1 to subsequent seasons that came full circle in those forerunner moments.

ten Rory told Lorelai that she had pampered her

Lorelai and Rory talk about shopping at Gilmore Girls

Even though Rory and Lorelai were incredibly close and loved spending time together, Lorelai pampered Rory. Lorelai has fought most of Rory’s battles and she has never had to go through any real adversity.

In the second season, Rory warned Lorelai that she pampered her too much and that she was never going to learn more about the real world because of it. It foreshadowed Rory’s future during his college days and beyond. Rory aged badly when she found herself struggling when things didn’t turn out the way she did and didn’t handle criticism well.

9 1, 2, 3, it’s yours

Lorelai at Luke's with Rory having coffee on Gilmore Girls

In one scene, Lorelai and Rory are at Luke’s Diner but Rory can barely stay awake. In order to keep her alert, the two played a game they called “1, 2, 3, it’s yours.” In the game, Lorelai had to choose the first, second, or third random guy that came her way. If she denied the first guy, she assumes the second guy would be better than the first, and so on.

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Just when Lorelai turned down a chance with the second guy, Luke came along. Rory said, “Hey, Luke came to the table, does that make him number three?” This can be seen as a foreshadowing as Lorelai ended up choosing Luke at the end of the series.


8 Rory should have taken his own warning

Girls Gilmore Rory and Logan steal a yacht

Some of Rory’s biggest mistakes happened at Yale as she began to rebuild her friendship with Dean. To prove that the two were civilians, he delivered a library to Rory in his dormitory. It was there that they talked about their future and Rory found out that Dean was taking time off from college.

Rory was furious that Dean was choosing a life with Lindsay over education. She told him that those who took breaks from school never go back or find it difficult to return after too much time away. Ironically, it was Rory who took time off from college and found herself in a downward spiral. His warning to Dean foreshadowed his own future.

seven Paris was right …

Paris and Rory chat during their graduation ceremony

Paris and Rory didn’t always get along, especially when they were in high school. In Chilton, Paris was too competitive with Rory to appreciate the friend she was. When the time came for Chilton to pick a promotion major, Rory won the honor instead of Paris.

Funny enough, one of the true quotes from Paris was when she told Rory that promotions don’t always end well. “Oh, yeah. Lots of business failures, broken marriages…†she said. And as fans saw in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Rory was one of the majors who had shaky relationships and a failed career.

6 Awkward dance partners

A shared image of Rory and Dean, and Lorelai and Chris taking dance lessons on Gilmore Girls

When fans first met Christopher, they weren’t sure how to perceive him because Lorelai was so wary of having him in Stars Hollow after so many years away.

They stopped at Miss Patty’s where Lorelai, Christopher, Rory and Dean got together roped up for a mini dance class. At that time, the series focused heavily on the timeline of Rory’s relationship with Dean, so it was surprising that they didn’t have rhythm or connection. Miss Patty commented on how well Christopher and Lorelai were in sync, but it wasn’t the same for Rory and Dean. This moment foreshadowed that Dean and Rory were never meant for each other and that they didn’t have the rhythm.

5 Rory’s Tell-All was announced in Season 1

Rory talks to Lorelai in bed about her reveal on Gilmore Girls

As diehard fans know, Rory wanted to write a book about his life and relationship with his mother at the end of A year in the life. Lorelai didn’t like the idea of ​​having some sort of revealer in the world because her upbringing wasn’t pleasant. Oddly, however, Rory gave some idea of ​​his idea of ​​a revealer in the first season.

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Lorelai listened to a voicemail message so many times that it woke up sleeping Rory. When Lorelai apologized, Rory replied, “It’s okay, that’s fodder frankly.” Could this mean that Rory had this idea in mind since he was a teenager?

4 Pajama nights in the dorms

rory and lorelai laughing at yale - gilmore girls

It wasn’t any nicer than Lorelai spending Rory’s first night at Yale with her in the dorm. Both women were nervous about their new start, so it was fitting that they spent their first night at Yale as a unit.

Adorably, Lorelai saw this happen in the early seasons. Lorelai didn’t want Rory to spend the night next door. Rory reminded Lorelai that someday she would have to go to college and Lorelai would have to get ready. Lorelai said to her daughter, “I will come with you, I will sleep on the floor in your dormitory, next to your bed.” Years later, Lorelai’s statement came true.

3 French cuisine and Lorelai

Luke talks to Lorelai about French cuisine on Gilmore Girls

Right before Lorelai was supposed to marry Max, Luke delivered a chuppah for their outdoor wedding. As they sat there and talked about love, Luke said if she was lucky enough to find someone who wasn’t trying to change her or make her eat French food, then the wedding could be one. good thing.

Lorelai never ended up marrying Max, but she married Christopher, who tried to get her to eat French food. The two got married in France and when she craved a burger he brought her some French food. It was as if Luke had called him before it happened.

2 Rory and conflict

mitchum huntzberger tells rory she dont have it on gilmore girls

In Season 3, Paris and Rory were part-time enemies and fought at student body meetings because Paris didn’t trust Rory. Director Charleston had a meeting with the two of them and warned Rory about his future. He said, “I would advise you to think long and hard before accepting any responsibility if you intend to run away at the first sign of conflict. Her words bothered Rory because she didn’t see herself that way. But fast forward to his time at Yale, that’s exactly what happened.

After his internship with Mitchum Huntzberger ended, he told Rory that she didn’t have what it took to be a journalist. His words hurt her, she stole a yacht, was arrested and left Yale. Did Director Charleston foreshadow the future?

1 Luke’s character reference

Lorelai talks to Chris about character reference on Gilmore Girls

When Lorelai and Christopher gave their relationship another chance, he handed her a letter he received from his ex-Sherry. Lorelai was surprised that Christopher was so open and showed her the letter. She asked him sarcastically, “You’re sure you don’t want to hide it somewhere and then I find it – accidentally, of course – in months, and I’m getting all weird and unsure of why you don’t. not shown to me earlier? “

Oddly enough, this is what happened a few episodes later when Christopher found Lorelai’s character reference for Luke. Just like she said, she kept Christoper’s letter and hid it in a drawer until he found it, making it insecure. This moment led to the divorce of Lorelai and Christopher.

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