What to do if your PIT tax return has not been submitted on time?

The end of April is the deadline for submitting tax returns. Thanks to the introduction of the government, we have been able to use the “Your e-PIT” system.

Undoubtedly, it is a great convenience for people who lack time to visit the office or accountant. How to submit an electronic statement? What to do if your PIT tax return has not been submitted on time? Let’s see!

What is PIT?

The end of April is the most important period for most taxpayers. Despite numerous appeals issued, among others, by the Ministry of Finance, many Poles take the issue of filing their PIT tax return for the last tax year with disregard. It turns out that a free attitude towards obligations towards the state can cost a lot and bring trouble to the citizen’s head.

For many taxpayers, completing the annual tax return is black magic. Some of them use the help of specialists. The sheer multitude of available forms can be dizzy, let alone meticulous and error-free completion of each of these documents. However, it is impossible to escape from the obligation to submit a PIT tax return to the competent Tax Office.

Electronic testimony

Before we get to the question of what to do if your PIT has not been submitted on time, it is worth paying attention to new solutions that we can use. Namely, it is possible to bypass long, especially in the last days of April, queues and send the so-called e-declaration.

How to do it? It’s best to use the website of the Ministry of Finance. Just follow all the steps described in the instructions, among others, confirm your identity. The taxpayer will be asked to provide detailed personal and contact details, as well as to show the amount of income from two tax years before. In special cases, the ministry will require an electronic signature.

Who can submit a PIT online?

The year 2019 resulted in several changes regarding tax returns. Last year, the government agreed to introduce the online system “Your e-PIT”. Thanks to this, we don’t even have to leave the house to complete all formalities. Currently, taxpayers paying via PIT-37 and PIT-38 have access to this option.

These are persons who receive remuneration and settle via their employers or employers, i.e. persons settling employees who obtain PIT-11. In turn, PIT-38 applies to persons who have obtained capital income from the sale of securities or shares in companies. Now that we know who can settle accounts online, let’s move on to information about deadlines.